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Sliding fire doors
There also exist, as like the guillotines fire doors, the telescopic version, some others have an opening in both sides and the possibility of adding one or more passing doors with closers, antipanic bars and more extra accessories. All sliding fire doors have been approved at maximum measures to a fire time resistance of 180 minutes.
Guillotine fire doors
The guillotine fire doors are mostly used for zone divisions. Their maximum fire resistant we have approved is of 180 minutes, both standard guillotine fire doors and telescopic guillotine fire doors, which are built of different leafs placed through hydraulic pistons.
Pivoted fire door
The pivoted fire doors are the most well-known in production terms. Their fire resistance is proven until 120 minutes and at maximum measures. There are some esthetic variations according to the consumer necessity.
Acoustic doors
A recent test of this type of doors has allowed us to improve our possibilities in the acoustic doors. Our company can now manufacture acoustic doors from up to 64dB and without the needing of pressure handles. These doors may be fire resistant or not according to the consumer.
Maintenance doors service
A great contribution is, once the work is finished, the possibility to contract a maintenance service of the doors. This maintenance door service is based on the periodic inspection of the doors and their accessories, and their subsequent repair if it's necessary.


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